(716) 941-5654

Welcome to the Buffalo Ski Center Adventure Center!

Supervised Hours: 

Saturday 9 am – 5 pm / Sunday 9 am – 5 pm

We Care for Children Ages  1  — 8 Years.

We Provide: On-site bathroom, changing table, toys, books, drawing supplies, children’s videos and snacks


$16 per hour charged on the ½  hour- with a 5 min grace period.
Minimum charge $8.00

Please Note 
If a child has special needs such as diaper changing, dietary restrictions, etc., parents must communicate these issues with the nursery attendant in addition to making note of these needs on the sign-in sheet. Sick children will not be permitted to enter the nursery.

Parents are not to pass the drop of area and entire the Center, unless changing a diaper in our changing area.

Please take your children out of the nursery for lunch, due to allergies. BSC Nursery is a Peanut Free Zone.

Please label all items brought into the nursery especially cups. Personal toys are discouraged to avoid sharing problems in the nursery although security blankets and the like are perfectly ok.

We maintain a play-oriented, quiet, safe and happy environment for our children. It is a joy for staff and children. We hope you will feel, as we do, that the Mini Buffalo Adventure Center  is a wonderful place!