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A New Muddy Buffalo Course!

Here. We. Go! We have had relatively the same course for a couple years now. It has been really fun, but let’s admit.. it’s damn tough. We were on course a couple weeks ago making some notes for race day and we found a new direction that we couldnt deny.

“This is AWESOME!”

We want to keep the experience a surprise, but figured you might want some details to dial in your race day plan and implement a little bit of visualization into your training.

The start of MB 2022 takes us on a 1 mile flat, muddy trail run after a short 50 foot climb on Buffalo Ski Centers Bunny Hill. You are familiar with this as the slide that finishes the race year to year. After that, the course reconvenes with what was last years start. You will be familiar with the course for the next mile or so. We all know this section is a grind, but you should be warmed up for it after your stroll on the easy trails. Also, this mile hosts your ONLY climbs in the race – well, theres a small climb toward the end… but dont fret. Piece of cake! Once you hit the top of Soul Crusher, its smooth sailing – full send back down the mountain for 2.5 miles to the finish.

We are hoping that with this new course direction, less folks will be intimidated to join the strongest of the strong. We believe anyone can do and enjoy the Muddy Buffalo course, and we want to share it with anyone who is willing to take on a challenge.

If you think a friend, co worker or family member would have a good time, shoot them a link to register! If youve already registered, check out our last email on how you can get 25% off MB 2023, and they can recieve 25% off this year!

We will see you on course!

With Muddy Hugs,

Joe P.

P.S. You are stronger than you know.


Muddy Buffalo  2022